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The Cardinal Bridge Academy (CBA) eliminates barriers to a college education, increasing the possibilities for hundreds of students to achieve a brighter future.

Cardinal Bridge Academy and Yum! Brands

unlock career opportunities for college education.

Creating more equality

in Louisville

The Cardinal Bridge Academy track

Unlocking Opportunities

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Cardinal Bridge Academy prepared me for college because they treated me like a college student and helped me better understand my major.

– Ta’Mia Malone,

CBA class of 2022

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The program really gets you used to what college is like and the independence you will have that is different between high school and college.

– Mackenzie White,

CBA class of 2024

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In their own words

“We need programs like the Cardinal Bridge Academy because they help with industry pipeline development and diversification. You can find future accountants, marketers, finance professionals and more through this program, AND you’re able to tap into a diverse group of up-and-coming leaders.”

– Erica Holloway-McDaniel, M.Ed Director, Cardinal Bridge Academy

Hope for the future

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