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The Simmons College Black Teacher Initiative (BTI) aims to address the lack of teacher diversity in Kentucky’s classrooms by developing a four-year degree program to recruit and train Black teachers.

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unlock opportunities for Black teacher development.

Creating more equality

in Louisville

The Black Teacher Initiative track

Having more teachers

of color leads to:

a decrease in dropout rates among Black males, increases in reading and math scores and an increase in likelihood that they’ll attend a four-year college.

more white students challenging racial stereotypes and creating

an accepting and tolerant atmosphere.

a higher rate of recommendations for placement in gifted classes for students of color when they have an educator or principal that reflects their racial identity.

Unlocking Opportunities

in Louisville and across Kentucky

“Programs like the Black Teacher Initiative are essential because having at least one Black teacher in the life of a student increases exponentially that child’s chances of not only graduating from high school but also entering college.”

– Dr. Kevin Cosby, President, Simmons College

Hope for the future

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